England and Wales Small Claims Court Links

The HM Courts website is Justice.gov.uk, a good place to start is the Courts home page www.justice.gov.uk/courts. This website is the definitive source of online information for the Courts system at all levels (High Court, County Court, etc). All questions regarding Court procedure are answered here. The Justice website, has to cater for (explain the procedures of) all possible Case scenarios, and as such it can be a complex site to navigate, my advice is stick with it and get a full understanding of Court procedure. The website applies to Courts in England and Wales only, see below for the Scottish and NI equivalents.

The www.moneyclaim.gov.uk website is HM Courts Internet based service for claimants and defendants. You can start your Court action (they call it Making a Claim) from this website. I recommend this site as the quickest and best way to start a Small Claims Court Case.

Other Links

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www.scotcourts.gov.uk - Scottish Courts website
www.courtsni.gov.uk - Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service

A sister website, relating to Lease Extension and Leasehold property Ownership:

Great site from a friend of mine:
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